Legal warning

2327, Folio 124, Section 8, page MA-36328.

The objective of this document is to inform Users of CSP’s official pages on internet social networks and online video platforms (hereinafter, jointly called Social Networks) about the processing of their personal data.

What data is processed
In general, CSP does not extract data from Social Networks. CSP only has access to the data that the user has decided to publish on Social Networks, such as their name, alias, nickname, their photograph or avatar, and the rest of the data included in the user profile.

What is this data used for?
These data are used solely to manage the normal use of the Social Networks, and may respond publicly or privately to the Users, depending on the situation, or republish a message written by a User using the tools or functions provided for this purpose by the Social Networks. .

Data containers
In general, CSP does not extract User data from Social Networks nor communicate it to third parties; However, the simple use of the tools or functions of the social network (such as mentioning or re-publishing a message) implies the communication of your data to the rest of the users of the Social Network in question.

The User must be aware of the consequences of using Social Networks.

Data hosting
In general, CSP does not extract data from Users of Social Networks, therefore, the data is hosted exclusively in the information systems of the Social Network in question.

Normally these systems will be located in countries outside the European Union whose legislation does not offer an adequate level of data protection at the discretion of the European authorities.

CSP recommends that the user consult the privacy conditions of the Social Network in question and verify the guarantees it offers regarding data protection.

Legal basis that legitimizes the treatment
The legal basis that legitimizes the indicated treatments is the express consent of the User, provided through acceptance of the privacy conditions of the Social Network in question and the link with CSP that the User has authorized or requested.

Consent can be withdrawn at any time through the mechanisms of the Social Network to undo the link with CSP.

Data processing period
Due to the nature of the treatments carried out by CSP, the data of Social Network Users will be processed indefinitely until the User exercises their right to deletion.

What rights does the User have and how to exercise them
The data protection regulations guarantee Users the following rights:

Access: Allows the User to know what information is available, where it was obtained, to whom it was provided and what uses it was used for.
Rectification: Allows the User to rectify any erroneous or outdated data.
Deletion: Allows the User to have their data stopped being processed.
Opposition: Allows the User to stop using their data for a specific purpose.
Limitation: Allows the User to restrict the processing of their data, but in such a way that they are preserved for a later purpose.
Portability: Allows the User to obtain a copy of their data in electronic format and, in certain circumstances, request that they be communicated to another service provider. It is only applicable for computerized treatments carried out with the consent of the User or for the fulfillment of a contract.
Users can request the exercise of these rights from CSP by postal mail to the indicated address, proving their identity, specifying their request and also proving their status as a User of a specific Social Network.

However, in general, CSP does not extract Users’ data from Social Networks, therefore, there will be certain rights that CSP will not be able to provide to Users.

If Users want more information in this regard or consider their right to data protection has been violated, they may file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (

CSP is not responsible for the acts, tools, mechanisms, functions or procedures of Social Networks.

Any claim for a violation caused by a specific Social Network must be directed against the management company or person responsible for the Social Network itself.