About Us

At BELIUS we create experiences. We are much more than a brand, we are an attitude. For us, a pen is not just a writing implement; it is an expression of your personality, an extension of your ideas and how you choose to tell your story. From our earliest days, we have striven to transcend the limits of what a conventional ballpoint pen can be.

Belius is an attitude, the way you tell your story. An idea.

An experience waiting to be written.

Each time you put our pen to paper, you contribute to a unique narrative, to your own story. Give shape to your dreams, sketch out your impressions and write your ideas with elegance and distinction.

A whole life to experience.

At BELIUS, we understand that life is an adventure waiting to be written. Each day is a fresh page, an opportunity to explore, create and experience. And our pens are your companion on each step of your unique journey.

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